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Buknu, Natural Jaggery, High altitude apples, handicrafts and ....Many more products available only on the APP.

From different regions and projects with Trace and Transparency. Group discounts and Collaboration with Project units, Food Forests, and more!

Own a Cow with Aranyaani:

Create Goodwill, Good Business while making cows happy and ecology stronger. 

Free Roaming Desi Cows, natural A2 milk. 

Making a Collaborative Effort

Aranyaani model is all about Collaboration, and not competition. That is how good food forests and ecosystems work. We (Aranyaani) have unlimited potential for new thoughts and ideas. 

Reviving the Natural and Traditional product ecosystem

 As we develop food forests and local ecology, it is clear that it cannot be self sustainable in human world if the lost layer of traditional and ecological products is also not revived.