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Posted by Sandeep Saxena on

Acidity is a precursor to many later stage life threatening diseases. Once the digestive system loses the vitality, the gates to immunity loss are open.

While modern lifestyle and bad foods (it doesn’t matter if one is cooking at home or not – the materials have the same code) are a reason for acidity, the bigger challenge is in the mind as overhauling of habits is required.

In General, all our foods will help in acidity as there are no preservatives, no unsuspected molecules that come in GM foods. So they don’t trigger acid formation.

In particular, Foods that will help:

  • Vetiver (use in water)
  • Grains: Stone grouted Dal and Wheat
  • Millets
  • Make Turmeric drink with Pepper and honey (if not diabetic) and have twice a day
  • Giloy drink once a day
  • Citrus fruits: Lemon, Cranberry
  • Moringa Powder

General Good habits:

  • Eat as much Raw and green food as possible. Eat as nature intended us to eat e.g. Gulping fresh Natural fruit juices might look natural, but its making the entire upper digestive system useless. One needs to eat fruits!
  • NO to Refined Oils, Sugar, (Sulphur containing) Jaggery, GM and machine processed Wheat or Dal or any cereals.
  • NO to GM fruits or vegetables because we believe that GM products have different molecules that harm / take away benefits
  • Home made curd/ known source Ghee only. No butter.
  • We know the hassles of our advice, but its required to reduce many further health risks.
  • SUNLIGHT, and keep working physically (see Dr. Vipin Gupta’s videos on this site/ Sahaj Sehat channel on Youtube)

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