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Foods for Common Ailments

Weak Immunity




Heart Ailments

Old Age

Cancer Prevention & Help

Mosquito Borne Diseases Prevention & Help

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Our Thought about foods:

In last 40 years, we have been driven away from natural foods, inhaling and ingesting foods that have molecules that were never known to human body during the entire evolution of millions of years. Further, the way we consume these artificial foods e.g. fruits juices versus Fruit with its skin, adds to redundancy of many body processes. To add to it, modern jobs require unhealthy postures, unnatural stress, less exposure to sunlight and less daytime sweating, and many such factors add to modern food and health problems.

These are causing increasing rates of health issues, starting with manageable ones like acidity, skin issues, obesity and then progressing to loss of immunity, indigestion, diabetes, heart issues, and in increasing cases graduating to cell mutations causing cancers. Such scenarios have made a mockery of human life, families and in most cases financial well-being. It is time NOW to move to natural forest foods, starting with simple food habit changes. Simply put, turn to nature and see the wonderful results. 

Also, must see the useful links and videos. We have collected them from very knowledgeable folks.