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To understand what modern foods are doing, please see the links and videos below.

Many of the foods we suggest to defeat Obesity can be found around you also as our list of suggestions is deliberately kept simple. In particular, Foods that will help:

  • Giloy – twice in the day but after eating something.
  • Natural Garlic and Ginger. (The ones in market can be GM breeds. Please check for natural pungency before taking them)
  • Natural RAW turmeric. Make Turmeric drink with Black Pepper (must) and have twice a day
  • Drop Refined OIL. Use our Mustand cold press oil or Mahua oil, or equivalent from nearby sources.
  • Drop Wheat atta and rice. Instead ADOPT  Natural Gram Flour or Sattu
  • Millets : Kodu and Amaranth
  • Drop Market Dal. Take Naturally made Toor with Skin.
  • All greens in Raw Form
  • Lemon – WITH Skin specially for multifaceted benefits.
  • Moringa Powder for vitality
  • Further, stop all Sugars, carbohydrates from GM wheat, Rice and chemicals from dals, other foods immediately. Substitute with natural foods.

MUST HAVE habits:

  • Eat as much Raw and green food as possible. Eat as nature intended us to eat e.g. Gulping fresh Natural fruit juices might look natural, but its making the entire upper digestive system useless. One needs to eat fruits!
  • NO to Refined Oils, Sugar, (Sulphur containing) Jaggery, GM and machine processed Wheat or Dal or any cereals.
  • NO to GM fruits or vegetables because we believe that GM products have different molecules that harm / take away benefits
  • Home made curd/ known source Ghee only. No butter.
  • We know the hassles of our advice, but its required to reduce many further health risks.
  • SUNLIGHT, and keep working physically (see Dr. Vipin Gupta’s videos on this site/ Sahaj Sehat channel on Youtube)


Useful Links to know more about reducing Obesity: