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Experience Food forest Stays!

Posted by Sandeep Saxena on
Experience Food forest Stays!

 Welcome to stay in our food forest project sites!

Currently we have 3 beautiful locations where stay is possible:

  1. Sohagpur, DIstrict Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh (Our head office and main learning site)

  2. Sahjivan, Solan, Himachal Pradesh (our associated food forest)

  3. Thapla village, Srinagar district, Uttaranchal ( our associated project)


What to Expect?

Each season has a different flavor. Facilities will be rustic, and comfortable. Its the last tribal village adjoining Satpura Tiger reserve forests. Our food forests are also now dense vegetation in half the area.

So one will get the feel of living in real unseen India, a vibrant tribal village and food forest. 

Best for those looking to discover and experience any of the following:

  • A forest dweller life set in the dense Satpura forests, the tribal village festivals, vanishing customs, foods etc.
  • The power of nature to heal and reset the mind and health
  • Reconnect with one’s own self by connecting with nature
  • How we create food forests
  • An idyllic life, doing and creating impressions in a food forest, sleeping on machaans, reading books with concentration, etc
  • Enjoying life as a tribal society
  • Experience the real problems this world is going to face once nature looses

Location: Sohagpur, Village chedka , Aranyaani Food forests (near Satpura Tiger reserve).

Facility: 150 acre dense Aranyaani food forest near Madai (entrance to Satpura Tiger reserve).

Stay is open all year round, but discuss with us before coming in Monsoons i.e. from July to September month.

Duration of Stay: Upto you. Expected cost will be Rs.700 per day for your lodging. We do not charge for boarding. Any extra consumables might be charged extra if not produced in our facility.

Typical activities that occur during stay are:

  • Participating in normal farm work according to season: Pruning, mulching, taking care of animals and birds, preparing pulses, millets, sun drying foods, preparing stems and seed balls, watering etc.
  • Learning to make your own facilities with our help : machaans, temp huts, etc.
  • Learning some skills like pottery, wood work, brewing etc.
  • Teaching village kids about your experiences or a particular subject, and learning from the 
  • Food forest activities: Camping, Campfire, Trekking, walk in the woods, sports (we have basic tennis , etc set up)
  • Aranyaani knowledge sharing: How foods and nature heals, sharing life philosophies with our core team, etc

Please visit and block your dates there by searching for ' Aranyaani' , or Whatsapp on +91 99265 37777.


The Sahjivan food forest project is 12 kms from Solan. The place belong to Gopal Negi ji who is a practitioner of Fukuoka's philosophy. We envisage it as the regional centre for all food forest project in Solan valley.

Sahjivan Eco Farms has presence at Solan and Kinnaur . It is open for long (fifteen days to three months) for enthusiastic and passionate volunteers to learn natural farming, foodforest and Eco-constrution basics and advanced techniques, For retreats, workshops and seminars in sustainability, those who want to gain health and get in to immunity boosting.
There are 8 cottages all made of stone and mud, two composting toilets two bathrooms. It is designed for giving feel of primitive living at altitudes of 1500m and 3200 m.
The guests will be enjoying 70to 80% food products that are either produced in the farm or outsourced from the nearby farm, spring water and fresh air. There is enough scope of tracking and rock climbing (pls bring your on gears). Surroundings are pristine forest.

In the farm there are apricot. Apple, peach, pears, plum. Persimmon tree ans there are wild berries, Kafal and kachnar trees with abundance of oak trees. and wild pears as well.

Smoking is allowed only in the smoking area. Alcohol and drugs are not allowed.
Food is vegetarian with an option of vegan. 

For details contact 7807912508 or write at, or Whatsapp to Aranyaani on +91 99265 37777.

3. THAPLA, SRINAGAR, Uttarakhand

This beautiful place is 35 kms from Srinagar, Uttarakhand. One can see the snow capped ranges from here.
The accomodation is in a heritage house (it will soon go for renovation) and new cottages being made. It is owned by the Mamgain family.

The food forest project and local enablement project here has just started. Primary stage here is collection of data and traditional recipes. 

For stay or project work related enquiries, Whatsapp to Aranyaani on +91 99265 37777.

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