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Free Health Pack for 20 Persons
Free Health Pack for 20 Persons
Free Health Pack for 20 Persons
Free Health Pack for 20 Persons
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Free Health Pack for 20 Persons

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This pack is free for Free Health Network. Quantity sufficient for TWENTY persons for 3 months for bi-weekly usage. We charge only for Courier/ local logistic costs charged to us by third parties. The product is free, and one can also order to take it free from our Bhopal office (Indore, Mumbai, Bangalore to be added soon).

Estimated delivery cost, all inclusive to Bhopal/Indore is Rs. 500/-  and to other  major cities is Rs.750/- (which translates to per person per month overall cost of Rs. 8.33 and Rs.12.50 only respectively). As Free Health members increase in a locality, it will become much cheaper.

Terms and conditions for Free Health package:

  • These items are not for sale or re-branding.
  • If required, a group coordinator must share the details of 20 persons. We shall use this to suggest more beneficial products based on health needs.

Please note that even Small quantities of these natural leaves/ stems are very good for health. One need not to consume in huge amounts as sold in market. Please see here, how to Consume them

The Pack contains 20 packs of 200 gms each, in raw unbranded pack, 3 or more of the following, depending upon the season:

  • Giloy Stems
  • Raw turmeric
  • Peepal leaves dried
  • Neem leaves dried
  • Moringa leaves dried/powder
  • Vana Tulsi dried /powder
  • Palash flowers dried

We will keep on adding more to the list, as our food forests develop.

Note : Only 1 Quantity Allowed Per Customer In a Quarter i.e 3 Months. 

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