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Free Health Network Mosquito Prevention Pack

Free Health Network Mosquito Prevention Pack

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This Environment friendly Mosquito prevention pack is free for Free Health Network. Our other free Pack focus on building body internally, while Mosquito prevention pack focuses on reducing the incidence of vector borne diseases in an environment friendly way.

All one needs to do it to sprinkle a small amount of given neem/karanja powder in stagnant waters in cooler or drains, once in a fortnight. Without harming environment, it helps reduce mosquito population.

Quantity sufficient for Four families/ homes for 3 months for a fortnightly usage. We charge only for Courier/ local logistic costs charged to us by third parties. The product is free, and one can also order to take it free from our Bhopal office (Indore, Mumbai, Bangalore to be added soon).

Estimated delivery cost, all inclusive to Bhopal/Indore is Rs. 120/- and other major cities is Rs.240/- (which translates to per family per month overall cost of Rs. 5.00 and Rs.10.00 only respectively, without harming Environment!. Further, As Free Health members increase in a locality, it will become much cheaper.

The Pack contains, in raw unbranded pack, one or more of the following:

  • Neem leaves dried (approx 200 gms)
  • Karanj leaves dried and powdered (approx 200 gms)

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