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Botanical Name: Rauwolfia serpentina

Sarpagandha , also know as Black snakeroot or Indian snakeroot or devil pepper, an evergreen plant, has been in use since 4000 years in Indian medicine. An erect under-shrub, it is a species of flowering plants. The leaves are 7-10cm long, spear-shaped.
Rauwolfia serpentina has been known for its medicinal value. It is one of the finest remedy that is widely used for high blood pressure and is also as sedative and tranquillizing agent.
It comprises of many bioactive chemicals with more than 50 different alkaloids. Out of 50 alkaloids, main alkaloids present are ajmaline, ajmalicine, indobine, indobinine, ajmalimine, serpentine, serpentinine deserpidine, reserpine, reserpiline, rescinnamine, rescinnamidine, and yohimbine. Reserpine is quiet useful alkaloid of this plant. About 90 percent of these alkaloids are found in the tuberous roots of this plant.

One gram powder of root can be taken 3 times with milk every day.

Uses of Sarpgandha:

Sarpgandha has property to maintain the balances of Vata and pitta Dosha in the body.
Sarpagandha has ability to reduce the heart rate and dilates blood vessels with lowering of blood pressure.

This herb has good use in case of cataract.

Sarpagandha is useful remedy in Schizophrenia. It is often used as sedative and tranquilizer in different countries. It has found to be useful in treatment of anxiety, psychosis and epilepsy.
It is also quiet efficient herb for colic and cholera. Effective in plague and fever.
The root of this plant is given in difficult childbirth. It is useful in uterine contraction.
It is used in several part of the world for the treatment of snake (cobra), scorpion or reptile bite and stings of any poisonous insects.
Since ages its extract is being used against dysentery.

It has also been in use in the treatment of intractable skin disorder as in conditions psoriasis, excessive sweating and itching.\

It is useful in irregular heart beat in old age.
Sarpagandha has ability to treat Goitre.
This herb is also beneficial in some of gynecological problems like frigidity. Sarpagandha is effectively used in other conditions like rheumatism, edema and intestinal diseases.