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Represent ‘Aranyaani’ in your city/region

We are looking for Facilitators in each city/region:

With the huge spread of modern lifestyle diseases like heart ailments and cancer, it has become very important to let folks discover the greatness of our forests’ foods.

We are looking for Facilitators, representing us in each region/ city /metro.

Represent Aranyaani in your area/ community, and help spread the natural foods. Apart from bringing good foods and healthy life to our members, you will be helping us grow more food forests and directly linking a remote community to this activity.

Your role will be:

  • Facilitator: Coordinate and follow up on the distribution, needs and customer experience
  • Brand Ambassador: We will enlighten you about our food forests, agriculture, and communities who help us. For folks in your region, you will be our face.
  • Healer: Help folks cope up with, and get relieved from many lifestyle ailments, just by advising them to switch to natural foods. We will advise you in doing so. Spread the message of Free health module.
  • Change Leader: Our model is very different from what the market is used to. We have to be change agents in every way.
  • Our Extended Team: Advise us in local/overall plans. You will be our human face in your area of operations.

What kind of person would be ideal for this work:

  • One who loves plants, nature and diversity.
  • One is worried about so much loss of ecology, and wonders why cancer, heart and stomach ailments are rising and their costs.
  • One who wonders about old age health costs and ill effect of modern foods and sugars in children and others.
  • One who is not affected by prospect of more or less monetary earning but is working with us for above purposes.
  • One is not keen on selling but making sure people/customers see the impact and understand the change we stand for
What do you need to have:
  •  No Need for Space or Investment
  • Ability to organise local distribution using third parties
  • Ability to use social media and networks for expanding the reach locally.
Terms, and Commercials: To be discussed in next stage of discussion.

If you are interested, please whatsapp @ +91-99265 37777


email us at info @