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Maidachaal, also known as Medasaka.

Botanical Name: Litsea chinensis

It is a plant used for the treatment of cough, swelling, fracture, diarrhea and dryness of the skin.

Medasaka is an evergreen tree growing to a height up to 20-25 m. The bark of the tree is pale brown outside and reddish colored from inside. The leaves are 4-6 inch long and covered by small hair like structure. The flowers are small and yellow in color. They are seen in the month of June- July. The fruits are small, round and black to purple in color, seen in the month of September- October.

Ayurvedic properties of Litsea chinensis
Rasa (Taste) – Katu (Pungent), Tikta (Bitter), Kashaya (Astringent)

Guna (Qualities) – Laghu (Light for digestion), Snigdha (Slimy)
Vipaka – Katu (Undergoes Pungent taste after digestion)
Veerya (Potency) – Ushna (Hot)
Karma (Actions) – Vata shamaka (reduces vitiated vata dosha)

Chemical composition of Litsea chinensis:
The bark of the tree contains Laurotetanine, actinodaphnine, boldine, norboldine, sebiferine. The leaves contain flavonoid, naringerin, naringin kaempferol, 7-glucoside, quercetin and its 3-rhamnaside peglaragonidin –3 and 5-glucoside cystine, glycine etc.

मेदासको लघुः स्निग्धः कटुस्तिक्तः कषायकं ।
उष्णोवातकफौ हन्ति शोथशूलविनाशनः॥
दीपनः स्तम्भनश्र्चैव सर्ववातविकारनुत् ।
अग्निमांह्येऽतिसारे च रक्तस्रावे च उज्यते॥    ( द्र.गु.वि)

Uses of Medasaka:

  • The powdered bark of the plant, known as jiggat, may be used as an adhesive paste inincense stick
  • Bark extract oil from Litsea chinensis shows anti-helminthic activity against earth worms and tapeworms in a dose of 5-8 drops.
  • The grinded bark is used as paste externally in bruises, sprains, rheumatic and gouty joints. It is also used as a styptic dressing for wounds.
  • The decoction of the bark of Medasaka is consumed in a dose of 15-20 ml to treat diarrhea and bleeding piles.
  • The oil extracted from the bark of the tree is applied externally to relieve pain and inflammation of the joints.
  • The paste of the bark of Medasaka is applied over the area of fractures and covered with cloth, to fasten healing.
  • The oil of Litsea chinensis is gently rubbed over skin to prevent drying of skin.
  • The cold infusion prepared from the leaf of Medasaka is given in a dose of 25-30 ml to treat cough and low back ache.