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Kevkand (Costus Speciousus) is a perennial flowering plant. It grows in a tropical climate.

Costus spectabilis is the floral emblem of Nigeria. Some species are of importance to herbivores, such as caterpillars of the restricted demon (Notocrypta curvifascia) which feed on Costus speciosus (crêpe ginger). The crêpe ginger is also a source of diosgenin, a compound used for the commercial production of various steroids, such as progesterone.

In Trinidad and Tobago, a mix of Costus scaber juice and crushed Renealmia alpinia berries is used to treat dogs bitten by snakes

It is an important medicinal plant widely used in several indigenous systems of medicine for the treatment of various ailments. The rhizome of these plants are used as an alternative source for diosgenin and generally used to control diabetes.

Compounds found in Costus Speciosus: Alkaloids,  Beta Sitosterol, Diosgenin, Fatty Acids, Flavonoids, Saponins, Tigogenin, Triterpenes.

Costus Speciosus   is used for treatments of : Cough, Fever, Skin Diseases,  Anemia, Ascaris, Asthma, Bronchitis, Constipation, Diabetes, Dysentery ,Dysphasia, Flatulence, Hiccups, Leprosy, Rheumatism, Syphilis