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Kali Musli

Botanical Name for Kali Musli is Curculigo orchioides.

The shrub is highly beneficial for a number of ailments. Kali musli is a perennial shrub and has elongated and short fleshy roots. Its rhizome is 1 feet in length and pulpy.

The rhizome part is used as a medicine. It is used to treat piles, blood related disorders, vomiting, diarrhea indigestion and an appetizer.

According to Ayurveda, the roots of Kali musli are aphrodisiac, fattening and appetizing.

Following are some of the medicinal uses of Kali musli according to Ayurveda-

Male Libido Loss: Crush root of black musli and make it into powder form. Take 250 grams of this powder and mix 50ml of honey to it. Take 1/4tsp of this solution 2 times a day.

Leucorrhea: Mix 5 grams of powder made out of its roots with jaggery and take it 2 times a day.

Jaundice: Mix 5grams of root powder in warm milk properly and take is once every day. This could aid in fast recovery from the ailment.

Dysuria: In case you are suffering from this ailment where the urination is painful and difficult then consume a mixture of 3 grams of dried root powder of black musli with warm milk once a day.

Heartburn: Take 3 grams of black musli powder and mix it in milk. Take is once a day.

According to Unani medicine system, the roots of kali musli are tonic, aphrodisiac, carminative, and antipyretic. It is used for treatment of following diseases:  Bronchitis, Indigestion. Diarrhea. Lumbago, Ophthalmia, Gleet, Gonorrhea, Joint pains, Hydrophobia