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Botanical name: Cissampelos Pareira. Common English Name: Velvet Leaf Tree

It is a medicinal herb, also called as Patha or Abuta. It is an extensively spreading, perennial climbing shrub that prefers warm and dry regions. For medicinal purpose its roots and leaves are used.

Patha is mentioned by Charak for fever, vaginal discharge, piles, urinary ailments, digestive system complaints and uterine ailments. Acharya Sushruta, used this herb additionally for cleaning and washing of wounds (roots decoction).
It is a woody, climbing rainforest vine with leaves up to 30 cm long. It produces inedible, dark, grape-sized berries. Its vine is blackish-brown and tough; when freshly cut it has a waxy luster.

Medicinal Uses:

Patha is used in the treatment of chronic non-healing ulcers and sinuses. It is also used in the treatment of chronic skin diseases and in the treatment of poisonous bites. Its anti-inflammatory activity has been investigated with encouraging results.

Cissampelos pariera is commonly referred to as the midwives’ herb throughout South America because of its long history of use for all types of women’s ailments. The vine or root of abuta is used in tropical countries to prevent a threatened miscarriage and to stop uterine hemorrhages after childbirth. Midwives in the Amazon still carry abuta with them for menstrual cramps and pre- and postnatal pain, excessive menstrual bleeding, and uterine hemorrhaging. Abuta is also believed to aid poor digestion, drowsiness after meals, and constipation.