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Custard Apple

Custard apple, also known as Seetaphal in India, is a subtropical fruit. It is available from August to November means from the month of Ashwin to Magh. According to Ayurveda, custard apple gives coolness to the body. It is very good for bile, thirst, vomiting, nutritious, cough and vigor, increases the muscles and blood, gives power, gout problems and heart.

According to Indian mythology, during dwelling in a forest Sita gifted fruits to Ram. These came to be called as Seetaphal, or custard apple.

Custard Apple trees are used in different medicinal purposes throughout the country. The ripe fruit of this tree possesses astringent, cooling, febrifugal and pectoral properties. It works as a tonic for the blood and improve muscular strength. It is excellent for the digestive system and is prescribed for vomiting, diarrhea dysentery and vertigo.

The fruits of the Custard Apple tree are of great medicinal value. The dried, powdered, unripe fruits are considered effective in healing ulcers, and are used as an insecticide, particularly for lice. Both the ripe pulp and crushed leaves are mixed with salt and applied as a poultice to hasten suppuration of boils and to relieve pains and swellings.

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The leaves of these Custard Apple trees are used to prevent bedbugs and maggots, and are also used to extract guinea worms. These leaves possess stimulant, anthelmintic and insecticidal properties. The tea made from these leaves is used to recover from fever. Fresh leaf-juice is applied to the nostrils in cases of hysteria and fainting. The leaves and fruits of Custard Apple trees are used for the treatment of tumours and the leaf extracts have anti-cancer properties.

Another major part of this plant is the root which has an important medicinal property. These roots are reported to be diuretic and a strong purgative which are used for the disease of acute dysentery. They are also used for the treatment of depression, spinal diseases, asthma and fever. The seeds are used as a contraceptive and as an abortifacient.

The seeds of the Custard Apple are known for their insecticidal and pesticide properties. These are strong irritants to the conjunctiva and have been reported to cause blindness.

Note: We advise that natural products be consumed in their pristine form, without any preservatives or processing chemicals, unless a preparation is advised by an Ayurvedic doctor.

It gives maximum health benefits and keeps costs low (compared to the huge medical costs due to modern diseases.)

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