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They are shrubs of Nyctaginaceae family, and can grow up to 15 m. Bougainvilleas are climbing plants that can be used to decorate walls, fences, gates, hedges, etc. Although they are equipped with prickles that help them to grasp on surfaces, as they grow and gain weight and size, they require to be fixed properly so they can climb. Otherwise, the branches tend to bend and hang to the floor.

Besides covering vertical surfaces, bougainvillea can grow horizontally when they do not find the vertical surface to grip. This makes them very useful for covering more or less horizontal or steep surfaces, especially for slopes.

It’s not the flowers that make this plant so colourful, it’s actually the magenta bracts. The flowers are just tiny and white.  The bracts can be seen in all shades of pink and purple, and also red, yellow, white, salmon and orange.