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Ankol Safed

Botanical name is Alangium salviifolium Wangerin, commonly known as Sage-leaved alangium is a flowering plant in the Alangiaceae family.

Ankol (Alangium Salvifolium) is an ayurvedic medicinal plant used for the treatment of hemorrhoids, rheumatic arthritis, loose stools, herpes, blood disorders etc.
Each part of ankol tree has several medicinal values. For example, seeds are aphrodisiac and provide strength to the body. Athletes use Ankol seeds to increase physical endurance and stamina for exercises.

Ankol is a highly useful tree where all parts of the plant serve some or the other medicinal purpose. Its roots, root bark, seeds, oil and fruits are all very useful for the body.

Different parts of Ankol plant have got separate medicinal value.
The fruit has coolant properties and can be taken to relieve internal burning sensation and gut heat. It also improves immunity and overall strength and stamina.
Problems like gastritis, sore throat, laryngitis etc which usually occur due to pitta vitiation are easily cured with the use of Ankola fruit.
The seeds and oil are used to treat digestive problems and intestinal colics due to related conditions. Due to the kapha balancing properties of Ankola, it helps to relieve edema and psychological disorders while helping to improve in case of psychological disorders and edema.
In the treatment of not only dog bite but also snake, rat and rodent bites also, seeds and oil of Ankola tree is very useful.
The oil if Ankola tree is especially good for improving skin texture and complexion when used externally on the skin. It is also good for the management of oral disorders, bleeding problems both external as well as internal.
The anti-inflammatory action of ankola makes it useful in treating diabetes, epilepsy and other painful conditions of the body.
Ankola root bark works well in case of common cold, influenza and fever.

It is good for liver detoxification and can help in treating diarrhea, Irritable bowel syndrome etc.
Ankol oil is a very good aphrodisiac and rejuvenating preparation. It can be applied to the navel if one is having problems like premature ejaculation. Its fruits are also good and give better results in case of impotency and male reproductive system problems.