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Botanical name: Hemidesmus indicus
Also known as Indian Sarsaparilla, Anantmool is a climber found throughout India. This plant is used as household remedy for various disorders. Leaves and roots have medicinal properties. Anantmool is a great herb which has many versatile properties. It is very effective in managing gastritis and many other pitta disorders in the body.

Leaves are 2.5 inches long and alternatively arranged in a pair. Upper part is oval in shape and it is very soft. Stem of this plant is cylindrical with thick nodes. Woody roots are underground part and are very aromatic. Flowers of this vine are found in cluster yellow and greenish purple in color. General Information
It is also known as “Sariva” and is used in managing disorders of the reproductive system in females. It is a very good natural detoxification herb and helps in managing health naturally. It is a very useful plant in the Indian system of medicine. There are two varieties of this shrub which are demarcated by the color of their flowers, one of them is called as shveta sariva (bearing white flowers) and the other one is called as Krishna sariva (black variety) but both of them seem to have similar medicinal value.

It is one of the best detoxifying herb which helps in cleaning the body inside out. It has got amazing health benefits in that it helps to purify blood and improves skin texture as well.

Sariva has got amazing blood purifying properties. It is therefore used in the treatment of snake bite, scorpion bites and other poisonous insect bite cases. How this herb acts to neutralize these cases is continuously being researched so that more and more similar effects of this versatile herb can come to the rescue of mankind.

Anantmool has cooling properties, when administered in the body it has a very stabilizing and cooling impact which helps to neutralize abnormal acid secretions in the gut. For example, in case of severe gastritis, stomach ulcers and ulcerative colitis, Sariva can be very useful for the patient.
For oral ulcers, the skin of its woody roots can be taken and chewed to provide quick relief.
Roots can be boiled to make a sweet decoction which is very refreshing for the body and can be used when one feels like having a cup of tea or coffee.

It can also be taken along with milk and black pepper, or used with honey to improve strength and vitality of the body.