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Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera, or ghrita kumara in Sanskrit, is a member of the lily family and is very cactus-like in its characteristics. In the Atharva Veda, the Aloe Vera plant retains an important place among the sacred plants, where it is named “the silent healer“.

The “Egyptian book of remedies” on the famous Ebers papyrus (15th century A.D.) also mentions Aloe Vera among health formulas having already existed 3,000 years before our times.

It is one to two feet tall, and its leaves are succulent — broad at the base and pointed at the tips, with spines along the edges.  These fat leaves contain the clear healing gel that is 96% water. The other four percent contains 75 known substances including Vitamins A, B, C, and E; calcium; amino acids for protein building; and enzymes used in the digestive system (see below).

In a single plant, aloe vera offers potent, natural medicine that:

• Strong immunomodulatory and antitumour properties for aloe vera polysaccharides that helps boosts immune system function while destroying cancer tumors. Halts the growth of cancer tumors.
• Lowers high cholesterol.
• Repairs “sludge blood” and reverses “sticky blood”.
• Boosts the oxygenation of your blood.
• Eases inflammation and soothes arthritis pain.
• Protects the body from oxidative stress.
• Prevents kidney stones and protects the body from oxalates in coffee and tea.
• Alkalizes the body, helping to balance overly acidic dietary habits.
• Cures ulcers, IBS, Crohn’s disease and other digestive disorders.
• Reduces high blood pressure natural, by treating the cause, not just the symptoms.
• Nourishes the body with minerals, vitamins, enzymes and glyconutrients.
• Accelerates healing from physical burns and radiation burns.
• Replaces dozens of first aid products, makes bandages and antibacterial sprays obsolete.
• Halts colon cancer, heals the intestines and lubricates the digestive tract.
• Ends constipation.
• Stabilizes blood sugar and reduces triglycerides in diabetics.
• Prevents and treats candida infections.
• Protects the kidneys from disease.
• Functions as nature’s own “sports drink” for electrolyte balance, making common sports drinks obsolete.
• Boosts cardiovascular performance and physical endurance.
• Speeds recovery from injury or physical exertion.
• Hydrates the skin, accelerates skin repair.

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Truly, there is nothing else that compares to the medicinal potential of aloe vera. And yet most people only know about the topical applications of aloe vera gel. In reality, aloe vera is useful for both external and internal use.

What’s in aloe vera leaf:

An entire multi-crore industry in chemical first aid products and synthetic skin care products is made obsolete by aloe vera. That’s why we offer a pure aloe vera leaf with gel inside, without any other ingredients. That way, it could be used both as a food supplement AND as a first-aid product.

  • Water
  • 20 minerals
  • 12 vitamins
  • 18 amino acids
  • 200 active plant compounds (phytonutrients), including:
        • Enzymes
        • Triterpenes (a phytonutrient that lowers blood sugar)
        • Glyconutrients & glycoproteins
        • Polysaccharides
        • Acemannan, mannose-6-phosphate polymannans
        • Phenolic glycosides
        • Dihydrocoumarins