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About Us.

 “Aranyaani” is just a common name, for distributed efforts to revive ecology, associated lifestyles and values.

• We want to bring happiness and stress free lives back to lands, people, animals, trees, rivers and all.

• Aranyaani effort, systems and structure is planned accordingly to harness all different efforts, and give back fairly.

• It will evolve…starting point is our experience and thought over last many years.

• The ultimate goal is that one day we are not needed. To reach there, we will have intermediate programs to survive the current economic structure and draw resources for the projects.


– We want customers to have full view of how their food is being generated and where. Same shall be applied to internal policies.

– A farm owner should fully be aware of our costs and market structure. There is no creation of a bondage here with us.


Our Vision

Aranyanai Ownership Structure

Aranyaani Ops Structure

Aranyaani Pricing ModelAranyaani EcosystemCurrent Food Forest Project Footprint


  • Our BIG backer is NATURE: Seeds, seasons, soil, bees, earthworms, etc. In front of this resource –all material funding is pale.

  • Our NEXT big resource is TRADITIONAL KNOWLEDGE: Foods, herbs, medicines, growing practices, philosophy, etc.

  • Our NEXT big Resource is HUMANS who value the above two.

  • With the above, and a platform like Aranyaani, getting other resources like Lands is easy.  It comes with devoted folks on both sides- producers and consumers.

  • Still, continuing this effort shall need FINANCIAL RESOURCES . For that we have this platform.  However, we shall always be aware that our top resources are different, and not to be compromised for FINANCIAL gains.

  • The Pricing model is made accordingly based on many runs of the model over last 2 years –factoring all complexities and costs.


  • Exotic Food Forests: These shall become role model food forests in each unique area. They can also act as repository of local bio-diversity, Coordinating centre (Collecting from nearby food forests, processing, logistics etc), and Training and Visitor Experience centre. 

  • Local Food forests: To reduce the carbon footprint of logistics, and to bring food forests closer to more number of folks and more frequent experience, these shall be closer to consuming centres

  • Aranyaani Platform to enable all operations and awareness.

  • Free Health network: We believe no one should be  deprived of Nature’s benefits. And nature provides more than enough and free herbs, leaves, etc. that can make everyone healthy. This program is to reach out to everyone with freely available nature’s gifts.

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Aranyanni Ecosystem Units

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Please note:

-We don’t have any role titles or positions in our Structure; just the name and work.  We cannot have it too as it would do injustice to bees, worms, rivers and so many others superior to us in this work.

-There is no financial fixed structure too. There are fair rules in the platform itself. So in odd cases, one might have to work for long years with no financial gain.

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