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About Us

Aranyaani team is now a large network of individuals and elements – primarily bees, earthworms, plants, grass, trees, who work happily everyday and then our employees, individual farmers, knowledgeable folks and consumers, all those who believe that it is worth dedicating themselves to preservation and development of many natural food forests, That were earlier given as a gift to us by our ecology. In that sense, we are mere custodians of this great gift.


Mission: Our goal is to provide poison free, chemical/pesticide free, adulteration fee and naturally grown foods to as many families as we can. In the process, we also preserve food forests and guide communities around us to move from harmful pesticide, mono-cropping and limited organic style driven philosophies.

Our foundations are built on deep knowledge of many great individuals, passed on in the form of Vedas and Sutras and further proven by modern guides like Bill Morrison and E. Kant. Starting from 2004, we realized the flaws and bad health and ecological consequences of modern farming and processing methods. Since then, we have collected knowledge and experience, to be able to regenerate food forests. 


We have our food forests, primarily in Madhya Pradesh (MP) state in central India, along the Satpura and Vindhyachal forests. We are also encouraging others to preserve, and create them. 
Today we manage and grow in about 2000 acres of such food forests. we help and guide to increase the numbers



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