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अन्नदानं महादानं विद्यादानमतः परम् |

अन्नेन क्षणिका तृप्तिः यावज्जीवंच ||

[Giving food to a person is a great deed, but giving vidyaa (education) is even better. The satisfaction obtained from food is momentary, but that from from vidyaa lasts a lifetime.]

The above shloka is the essence of our products. They are not about just eating or enjoying, but also learning about the beauty and greatness of our traditional foods, grown in forests. In turn, each product sold opens the eyes of our extended team and many remote communities we work with, to the world. For us, each product item is an expression of the beautiful food forests we preserve. (Also read : Who we are?)

We prefer that most of our products are eaten in pristine raw form. For example, the skin of lemon from our farms has the most amount of health benefits. But they are mostly lost once processed and preserved, and pulp and skin are discarded. Similarly, our grains and pulses are processed in traditional Indian manner, and not using vegetable oils and colors, in machines.

We advise folks to consume as the nature gives, in the form it gives, and in the season it gives. Our advice is based on what is best for health and life, though it makes it difficult to distribute them via the retail model.

Our Packages are designed for each of the 6 Ritu-s (seasons). We get different flowers, fruits, etc in each season. Most of the times, its not easy to predict their timing. Hence we have formed these packages.

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Please Note: The demand for our products exceeds supply at most times. Therefore, we will first serve our Package customers because our food forests/ecosystems run on their patronage.  A few products’ order basket e.g. honey order alone, is a costly order for us because bees do not live in isolation in nature (unlike those in chemical laced boxes), and similarly for all products. Hence, we prefer package order and offer discounts on products in a Package.  

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Products Categories:

(A) Vetiver Products

Vetiver is a gift to mankind, 

and it is also a critical element of our food forests. In earlier days, it was used to purify water (actually it also improves the pH), manage temperatures during summers, and also as a medicine and aphrodisiac. Our effort is to bring it back into daily lives, and let folks experience the benefit of vetiver in many forms.

(B) Natural hive, raw Honeys

Our honeys come from our food forests, and has the following characteristics:

  • No boxed bees. We only have natural hives and native bees.
  • No GM flowers or trees. Our ecology is strictly based on native plants and trees.
  • No chemicals or preservatives.

In addition, we are trying to even make sure that honey collection process and its timing is such that it leaves minimal damage to population and eggs. That is a lost art which has almost become extinct.

(C ) Fruits

We have a wide array of fruits in our food forests that are full of health benefi

ts. These include natural papayas, gondharaj lemons, cranberry, jamuns, and many others.

(See our ecosystem of fruits: Click here)

(D) Dried Leaves & Powders

We have many trees, plants that provide leaves and sap with good health properties. These include Neem, Moringa, Peepal, and many more.

(E) Fresh herbs, leaves or stems

Giloy, Turmeric, Amaranth leaves, Fennel, Tulsi, and much more. Delivered fresh from farms, where we have the supply ability.

(F) Mahua Products

Mahua, is the one stop solution for rural economy and nature has gifted it with many healthy properties. We have Mahua dried fruits, laddoos, Mahua flour, and Cold press Oil for you. (To know more see here)

(G) Millets, Pulses and Grains

Much of the modern flour is made by removing outer skin, and then adding Palm oil, colors and wax, and preservatives. In addition, most of the plants are GMO, they bring more weight to crop but compromise in native quality.

In our products, we make sure outer skin is there to eat, by stone grouting method. And there are no additives. It leaves a different texture, and natural taste to the dal and grains. Also, we use native seed stock.

(H) Vegetables

These grow under the trees with soil rich in biomass. Other than usual seasonal vegetables, we have wild cherry tomatoes, sweet potatoes and many such exotic forest vegetables.

(I) Flowers & Fragrances

Our food forests have many variety of flowers and fragrances, from lemons to jamuns, vetiver, mahua and many more.

(J) Delicious and Healthy Preparations

Each of our flora and its raw products is an ingredient for exotic and healthy preparations.

An indicative list is : Lemon sun dried pickle mixed with a combo of other herbs, Jamun vinegar, Sun dried jamuns, Cranberries preserved in Honey, and many more.

(K) Cold Press Oils & Extracts

Our edible oils are cold pressed, without any chemicals or additives. In case of mustard and mahua oils, the separation is done either by sun drying or by using lemon leaves.

(L) Poultry

Our birds are free roaming, naturally red and hatched. They feed on mulberries, kadamba , tomato leaves and such foods. No antibiotics or tetracycline is given to any bird. A natural diet of vetiver, moringa and neem etc, keeps the healthy.

(M) Plants and Herb Saplings

Our breeds and sapling grown for our food forests are also available for sale. These are plants not generally available in nurseries, and some breeds have been preserved by us.