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Aranyaani - FAQs

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Thanks for your interest in Aranyaani and the natural foods we bring from the forests for the people of India. Following are answers to most commonly asked questions.

Q. Where can I give a product Feedback or suggestion or a query if not solved here?

If you are an existing customer, please send a whatsapp message to +91- 9926537777 (Aranyaani Customer care number) or a mail to ''

Other wise, please send a mail to  ''

Please note that in case of queries not related to any Orders, we take 7 to 15 days to reply.

Q. Is there a way to remain updated on your work and products?
Please add +91- 8805717809 (Aranyaani Broadcast) to your Whatsapp Contacts and send us a message with your name and Address.
You shall receive regular updates about our work, events, camps, Free health pack and products here.


Q. Can I participate in any of your projects?
Yes, we welcome and want all voluntary contributions to this effort. Post mutual acceptance, One may choose a specific project within a Horizontal or vertical domains. Please write to ''. Please allow for upto 15 days of response time.

Q. I have a land that I want to give for such projects? How can we collaborate?
Please see:
About joining our effort.
We now do not take up work on any land. Land owners will need to organise resources and time for creating food forests on their lands. We shall help with free advice and direction, and addition of products to our list, once the forest has reached qualifying levels.

Q. Why we should eat your foods?


In last 40 years, we have been driven away from natural foods, inhaling and ingesting foods that have molecules that were never known to human body during the entire evolution of millions of years. Further, the way we consume these artificial foods e.g. fruits juices versus Fruit with its skin, adds to redundancy of many body processes. To add to it, modern jobs require unhealthy postures, unnatural stress, less exposure to sunlight and less daytime sweating, and many such factors leads to health problems.

These are causing increasing rates of health issues, starting with manageable ones like acidity, skin issues, obesity and then progressing to loss of immunity, indigestion, diabetes, heart issues, and in increasing cases graduating to cell mutations causing cancers. Such scenarios have made a mockery of human life, families and in most cases financial well-being. It is time NOW to move to natural forest foods, starting with simple food habit changes. Turn to nature and see the wonderful results. 

Q. Can you supply products to any city in India?

Not to all, but most of India is covered. In regions which are uncovered by our logistic partners, the logistics costs is very high. To reduce such costs, we are still setting up the logistics for product delivery.

Till now, over last 10 years, we were giving products from food forests directly in raw open form. The online and distant delivery is a very new initiative. Currently we depend upon third party delivery companies like Overnite express and Dtdc for delivery experience. As it picks up, we can set up more economical delivery options and we are trying to improve it fast. Please feel free to share your constructive feedback for our improvement.

Q. How to order natural foods from you?

Please see this page for details: Our Products

What is the Return, Refund and Order Cancellation policy?

Please see the page: Terms of Use

What is your Data Privacy policy?

Please see the page: Privacy and Content Policy

Can you reduce the Shipping rates if I order more products?

Many customer have highlighted that our Shipping costs can be further optimized. We are currently working on these data to bring down shipping cost and will revisit these scenarios as volume increases, and hopefully will be able to adjust them.

As a policy, we do not vary pricing based on location i.e. charge more for Mumbai vs Bhopal. As a result, shipping costs is the only variable between locations. There are some extreme cases like wheat where weight to product cost ratio is quite high. As a result, shipping costs become unreasonably high.  In such cases, we cant do much till time where volumes justify our own distribution point in that area. Then bulk transfer can happen.

Do you have your products available in a local store?

Please see About our products.

Since these are not having chemical preservatives, they can’t sit on shop shelves for months, unlike many other Brands. Hence we have to send on order, or in future have our own Local distribution center in your city.

Can I customize the standard package a per my requirements?

Please also note that our standard packages have discounted shipping costs because either the flow of products goes with the natural farm cycle like in case of standard and green packages, or we are able to aggregate orders and bulk plan, like in case of staple packages.

Minor customization can be done but please verify any customization with us before ordering.

What is Free Health Network for?

We have many plants, giloy, etc that are excellent foods for many health issues, including cancers. To make it reachable to more and more folks and specifically those whom it can benefit, we have a Free health Network. Absolutely NO product cost is charged, but the receiver would have to bear a modest courier charges. Our website has increasing information about healthy foods.

Please share these two with everyone you know. We promise they will see a sea of improvement towards a healthy lifestyle:


How do I join the Free Health network?

Please send a Whatsapp message @ +91 99265 37777 , or mail to, or post on our Facebook page.

We Need at least 50 folks group in a cluster, where we can send it to a single coordinator on their behalf. Else the logistics costs shall be very unreasonable.

What do I do if I am the only person needing the free products and cannot form a group?

If a group cannot be formed by you for some reason , then for a single person / family, we can send the items by Domestic carrier but Logistics costs (expected to be around Rs. 250 for Delhi/Mumbai etc) shall be borne by the User. One pack shall suffice for 3 months.




  1. How do I best consumer Palash Flowers, Raw haldi and many such products which I have not earlier been familiar with?




Our advice : How to eat/ cook


It is best in moderation. Take about a gram of raw turmeric in a cup of water, then let it heat for 5 minutes. For more benefits, one can add a quarter teaspoon of natural home-ground cinnamon to the water.

Then add ground black pepper and add one or half teaspoon of raw honey and enjoy!

Giloy (from Neem Tree)

Giloy from neem tree is extremely bitter. It is the cornerstone of health in Ayurveda. Cut a centimeter and spilt it vertically in pieces. Boil them in 2 cups water for about 10 minutes.

To reduce the bitterness and for added benefits, add a quarter teaspoon of natural home-ground cinnamon to the water. Then add ground black pepper. Additionally one can add half a teaspoon of raw honey.


Replace your daily tea cups with this drink! Raw turmeric should ideally be consumed with black pepper, for best benefits. For one cup drink, Cut a small piece (about 2 to 3 grams) from raw turmeric, peel or wash it.  Boil it in a cup water for about 5 minutes.

For added benefits, add a quarter teaspoon of natural home-ground cinnamon or a piece of Ginger to the water. Then add ground black pepper and add one or half teaspoon of raw honey and enjoy!

Stone grouted Arhar Daal

Prepare this dal like a normal toor dal. As it is natural and hand processed, it will have REAL and very Expressed Flavor and color, which won’t be easily suppressed by other spices. For many customers who have only seen Dals through a normal market, it is quite a surprise to see how much the foods have been changed.

Natural things go best with natural and raw masalas and herbs.

Toor dal powder

Toor dal powder is the remaining dal which gets grouted very fine. It is as good as Toor dal, and can be used to thicken the dal or any gravy.

Toor dal skin

Toor dal skin is the some skin pieces that are seperated while grouting. They are high in protien, and have maximum health benefits. But alone, it has a slighly bitter taste like Chana-skin (Gram). So either it can be partly used in other preparations or can be roasted and eaten.


Start with small quantities initially as the fiber content of this whole grain is very high. Prepare it like a Rice-Pulav. Add vegetables, herbs and spices according to your choice.  It has high Protein, Calcium and Minerals content. 

If one is replacing wheat or rice with Kodu based diet, then initially start with small amounts and let the body absorb the change.


Our pickles are naturally prepared using slow process / sunlight, and are a boon for good health. There are no preservatives or taste agents. Eat as much as you like, each time.
Initially, the taste may seem to be very different from market ones, and more like raw fruit, but once the taste buds get used to it and benefits show on health, there will be nothing stopping it.

Palash flowers

The Palash tree is a medicinal tree and among its various uses it has been suggested for treating inflammation, swelling, conditions related to bones and body stiffness , etc.  Dried flowers can be added  to the tea or just prepared like tea (instead of using tea leaves, use Palash flower). They produce a strong organe/yellow color when boiled.
Many have expressed to us that the effect on body stiffness is magical. The back stiffness and feeling of back tiredness disappeares within a day.

Neem Sticks

Neem sticks should be used for oral hygiene- chew and it will release its contents. If one needs to consume, then can boil in water and drink, but it will be very bitter. It is better to consume neem leaves in vegetables or little bit of neem leaves powder.

Mahua fruits

 Mahua fruits/dried flowers have a distinct Mahua flavor and smell. Fruits are eaten as raw or roasted like peanuts   . Pulp is a good source of sugar and can be used to make laddoos, and many sweet dishes.
To know how to use Mahua fruit/dried flowers to prepare Mahua Kheer, please see: .

Amla powder

Take one teaspoon with water once a day.

Ashwagandha powder

Take half a teaspoon with water once a day.

Brahmi powder

Take one teaspoon with water once a day.

Moringa leaves powder

Take a half teaspoon with water, twice a day.

Harra powder

Take one teaspoon with water once a day.

Bahera powder

Take half teaspoon with water once a day.

Arjuna powder

Take half a teaspoon with water once a day.

Neem Powder

Take half a teaspoon with water once a day.

For more, please either see the specific product page or the information on Google or Youtube. They have very good videos.



  1. Do you provide any medical advice or assitance, for folks who want to be on Natural diets?


We do not provide any such advice. It is best to consult a nearby naturopathy practitioner or an expert, as each person has different needs. 

We do get requests from Naturopaths to participate and organise camps on our forest sites. One can look out for such camps and join.