अरण्यानी  (Aranyaani)

आञ्जनगन्धिं सुरभिं बह्वन्नामक्र्षीवलाम |

पराहम्म्र्गाणां मातरमरण्यानिमशंसिषम ||

[Now how I praise the Forest Goddess (Aranyaani), sweet-scented, redolent of balm, The Mother of all sylvan things, who tills not but hath stores of food]

Aranyaani’s philosophy, based on the above Shloka in Rig Veda, reflects the deep knowledge and beauty about creating food-forests. We develop and maintain natural food forests, that supply pristine, most healthy natural farm and forest products for healthy and healing food to the consumers.

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We manage more than 2000 acres of pristine food forests. We also help and guide remote village communities to preserve nature around them and create food forests. Our vision is to create so many such eco-friendly farms over 100000+ acres, so that we can bring the products to lakhs of families.

The natural products include vegetables from Cherry tomatoes to pure Okra and Brinjals, fruits from Mango to Custard Apple, medicinal and kitchen herbs, pure mono-floral and forest honeys, food grains, pulses, millets, ginger and turmeric dairy, free roaming wild poultry, fishery and exotic forest grown products.

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