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Aranyaani Grishm Ritu (Summer) Box

Aranyaani Grishm Ritu (Summer) Box

Rs. 2,665.00

Box contents :
Honey 700 gms (Rs.640),
Stone grouted natural toor 2 kg (Rs.280)
Millet (Kodo) 1 kg (Rs. 200) ,
Raw turmeric: 500 gms (Rs. 300),
Amaranth or equivalent grain 500 gms (Rs. 140),
200 gms Mahua products (Rs. 140),
Vetiver water bags 30 (Rs. 200)
Moringa Leaf Powder 275 gms (Rs. 120)
700 gms Natural hand made lemon pickle (Rs. 275)
500 ml Cold press Mahua Oil (Rs.100)
Palash flowers dried 100 gms ( Rs.0)
Bael fruits 1 kg (Rs.200)
Tendu fruits 200 gms (Rs. 50)

Free and Complimentary Items separate.

Complimentary Items: Wooden tray, a Small Pot pouri, etc. made in our food forests by hand.

Item we send Free of cost: Raw Giloy/ Neem leaves/ 350 gms Natural hand made pickle

Delivery charges separate.

Delivery Time: 3-7 Days