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This pack is free. Quantity sufficient for 100 Apna Ghar residents persons for 3 months for usage as indicated in the chart below. PLEASE NOTE THAT DELIVERY TIME COULD BE upto 2 to 3 weeks currently. It will reduce as we increase operations.


Item Purpose Consumption Qty (wt in gms) for 100 persons per usage Usage per month Qty required for 100 persons/month Comment
Giloy Stems Immunity Boil a 1 inch stick and drink; sufficient for 10 persons x 2 times 10 gms 16 160 gms Must every second day. Mild Hypoglycamic like all natural foods, hence don’t give when hungry.
Raw turmeric Immunity Boil small pieces of a 5 gm piece and drink; sufficient of 10 persons 50 gms 16 800 gms Must every second day
Vana Tulsi dried /powder Immunity 2 gms x once per fortnight 200 gms 4 400 gms
Peepal leaves dried Heart health 1 to 2 gm/ month 100 gms 1 100 gms
Moringa leaves dried/powder Protiens/ Vitamins 2 gms x once per week 200 gms 4 400 gms Very heavy in aminoacids and vitamins; hence only limited is planned initially
Palash flowers dried Pains Boil like tea. One flower sufficient for 10 persons / once a week 100 gms 4 400 gms
Neem leaves dried Mosquito prevention depends on area 100 gms 4 400 gms If more is needed, we will train volunteers to pick from nearby
Total 2660 gms

Please note that even Small quantities of these natural leaves/ stems are very good for health. One need not consume in huge amounts as sold in market. Please see how to Consume them here.


We charge only for Courier/ local logistic costs charged to us by third parties. The product is free, and one can also order to take it free from our Bhopal office (Indore, Mumbai, Bangalore to be added soon).

Estimated delivery cost, all inclusive to major cities is Rs.240/- (which translates to per person per month overall cost of Rs. 2.40 per person per month). We are trying to convince delivery companies to waive it off.

These items are not for sale or re-branding.We will keep on adding more to the list, as our food forests develop.

Whatspp +91-99265 37777 to know more or See:  http://aranyaani.in/health-network/

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