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Our Work Story

Our ecosystems are well diversified systems. Each has a mix of the following flora, fauna and earthly elements.

Honey Bees, Vetiver, Large Trees, Fruit Trees, Common Herbs, Flowers and Medicinal Plants, Rare Medicinal Plants, Vegetables and Roots, Millets, Grains, Pulses and Oilseeds, Free Roaming Poultry, Other elements: Biomass, Compost, Silkworms, Ponds

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Banyan sapling is an epiphyte i.e. it needs a host plant or tree crevice when small. It takes nourishment from there.

This one has finally grown up to be on its own. Now in monsoon we will shift it to a place where one day it can grow huge, likely when many human generations have passed after us.

In the background is vetiver all around.


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Our team in Amarwara farm.. Starting the pre monsoon forestation work. One visitor from UK (sitting right) also saw our work.


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Our Papaya seed nursery in Amarwara. Last year's efforts are now yielding results. A tribal family was given pure breed honey dew and badwani papaya seeds , and training to make a seed nursery to supply seeds to us across 3000 acres of food forests.


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 A beautiful Aranyaani food forest in Sohagpur



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Our work goes on with full vigor. Todays pics are from Village kachnari district mandla- busy converting this landscape into a food forest : planting seeds, saplings and live fence.


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When all modern means fail due to nature's forces, one can trust the bullocks to rescue the work. Carrying plants on soggy ground. Sohagpur Aranyaani food forest.



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Karonda (cranberry) fruiting - Sohagpur farms

It is a Superfood - anti cancer, good for prostrate health, heart , brain and many more benefits.

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Our end season team meeting. Sohagpur office.



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Amarwara nursery audit


Madhuvan food forests in Umaria.

After a long day's work - under a large Peepal tree that already has got new Bee hives after we took last summer honey.

We get most pristine honey from our food forests.

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Summer time works..
making old ponds larger and deeper.

These works will get over by next week. Then will start the plantation related tasks.

There are lot more to share. we will keep uploading....