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Welcome to the wonderful world of natural foods!  We all at ARANYAANI feel a deep gratitude and satisfaction, when each new person joins us, whether as a team member, or customer, or well-wisher. (See: A constant struggle)

We work with one single motive: If at all, we are mere custodians of a great system. As our duty, when we depart, we leave better lives and nature, than what we inherited.

It is an exciting time for anyone to join us. Depending upon how one can look at it, we are comprise of multiple verticals:

  • A social enterprise, working for ecology and communities
  • A social media company, trying to generate consumers voice for our cause
  • An agriculture (food forest) enterprise
  • A health enterprise, trying to bring healthy foods and practices as a part of life
  • A cultural enterprise, heavily relying on traditional methods and old wisdom
  • A logistics enterprise: connecting remote food forests to end consumer
  • A cutting edge eCommerce company: Connecting eCommerce world to a physical world in a most profound and deep manner.

How are we organised?

Core workers:

Beyond our visible human faces, websites and effort, exist the real front- line soldiers in our team – the honeybees and earthworms working relentlessly, birds planting the seeds each year, and plants hoping to become trees one day, and trees giving shelters to all so that the cycle continues. Then lie the remote communities, mostly tribals, who work to make sure we can preserve whatever good remains. We also have full time food forest managers ad workers.

Peripheral team:

Our Free Health network Coordinators (Under Free Health network division), and Area/Network wise Facilitators (Under Strategic and Planning division),  who work in the outer world, to make sure our customers and free health members benefit from our food forests and in turn help us grow more of them.

Central management team:

Five year targets for each function:

Function Goals
Strategy and Planning ·         Increase food forests footprint to more than 1 lac acres, across more biologically diverse areas


·         Knowledge building of employees in Philosophical depth of Aranyaani process and agricultural problem handling using nature

·         Increasing depth of knowledge on vanishing breeds of valuable plants, to fit into our ecosystem

·         Financial Planning

Health Network ·         Increase Free Health network reach to 50 lac families


·         Increase the breadth of plants that can be given free under health network

Marketing ·         Increase consumer base to 10 lac families


·         Analytics based Made to order products for each person, to handle individual lifestyle and health parameters

·         Involve customers, communities in the process of Food forests growth and products

Logistics ·         Extend the Fresh supply chain to metros, so that Fresh and quick perishables can reach more customers


·         Implement Full backward tracking of products upto Farm level

Product Development ·         Enable more and more products (200+), from raw foods of our food forests
Farm Operations ·         Improve per acre output by adding layers of ecology as recommended by R&D team


·         Digitize farm tracking and product ingredients tracking to each farm level

·         Automate where possible e.g. pruning, no till seeding etc.

Farm R&D ·         Seed multiplication using mother nurseries


·         Plant disease and weather changes management using natural techniques/ ingredients

·         Improving fruiting and animal growth using natural techniques/ ingredients

Technology ·         Enable marketing to use social media to expand reach and participation

·         Use Analytics to suggest products, health issue based packages

·         Farm, Logistics and Product management to be automated

We are looking for:

A.  Free health network coordinators, (Click on the link)

B.  Area/Network Facilitators. (Click on the link)

C. Management functions: Currently our team is multitasking and operational in focus; hence all functions are open. We constantly look for full time folks in management functions. However, this is a tough fit. These are not like regular jobs in market. We do not hire by invitation here or lure anyone by salaries, or incentives, but look for an inner call in the person.

If you are interested, please whatsapp @ +91-99265 37777.


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