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We are now working on Aranyaani 2.0 vision and projects.

12 years of Aranyaani 1.0, in various phases, was all about the following:

  • Understanding how to grow food forests at micro level
  • Sustainability and management of such food forests and replication
  • Business case for food forests and their growth
  • Finding revenue prospects – linkage to consumption
  • Testing if we can reach and deliver to distant consumers

Alongside, we have done many related pilots too. To list a few:-

  • Linking each product to its source, to give consumers full visibility
  • Goats, Cows and birds trial to consume biomass
  • Medicinal plants to maximize ecosystem value
  • Joint projects to expand concept and supply chain to distant parts e.g. Bithoor with IIT Kanpur, etc.
  • Joint project with Logistic company to enable 250 gms of raw turmeric to reach anywhere.

Food forests present amazing challenges and opportunities. For example, on a volumetric basis, our food forests produce:

  • A huge chunk of biomass that can be 90% of all volume. Out of this a lot is better consumed by animals for faster processing.
  • Our guess is another 9.9 percent shall be Oxygen, water, microorganisms, insects etc.
  • Hardly 0.1 percent shall be human consumption items like fruits, leaves, honey, etc.

So just like a forest or a good natural farm, we need to convert biomass to more of use. In forests, deer etc are there to balance ecology and eat biomass, similarly we need someone to eat that much biomass.

We have option for Goats, Cows, Hen etc.  At present, our sustainable goat capacity is 20000, cows/buffaloes is 4000, etc. Sustainable means that much feed and medicinal herbs are available without harming the ecosystem. On top of it, it is all free range.

Another such thing is almost monopolistic ability to get raw turmeric year round. Such things cannot happen in open tilled farms. Since our major capital is time and process, once the natural assets are established, further monetization is a less monetary capital intensive.

Since last one year, we have been planning Aranyaani 2.0, the next phase of journey.  Some separate business plans/ projects are:

  • Free range Goat
  • Free range desi Cows and buffaloes
  • End to end Supply side and farm management system
  • Enrollment of farms to develop them as food forests, as our supply base in other geographies.
  • Scaling up digital presence, backed by unique products like raw turmeric etc, and delivery logistics.
  • One village development linkage, where we have oldest food forest.

We are slowly scaling up each division as a separate entity, namely:

  • Aranyaani Ecommerce scale up
  • Turmeric and herbs scale up
  • Milk business
  • Goats business
  • Further Productisation of a specific item e.g. Mahua
  • Food forest tourism

Food forests present challenge for deciding metrics, and managing diversity. But single focus plans where these forests act as a platform, are easily quantified; hence they have been open to investments.

We are OPEN to one round of investments in following enterprise:

  • Aranyaani Ecommerce scale up :
    • Latest status is its in advanced stage of discussion
    • This is next 3 year growth plan; total funding estimated is 1.1 cr (mix of equity and debt). Valuation of 10 cr. [Min. investment of 7.5 lacs]
    • Based on metrics achieved , we may go for higher funding and growth. Currently our direct Ecommerce has touched about 50k per month. As it grows, that shall be the only channel for our products.
  • Milk business :
    • Yet to be closed
    • This is next 2 year growth plan (200 cows) ; total funding requirement estimated at 30 lacs (mix of equity and debt). Valuation at 1+ cr. [Min. investment at 7.5 lacs]
    • Based on metrics achieved , we may go for higher funding and growth as total potential is 4000 cows.
  • Goats business:
    • 50% funding closed for this round
    • This is next 2 year growth plan (500 + goats) ; total funding requirement estimated at 30 lacs (mix of equity and debt). Valuation at 1+ cr. [Min. investment at 7.5 lacs]
    • Based on metrics achieved , we may go for higher funding and growth as total potential is 10k+ goats.
  • Turmeric and medicinal herbs plan: Not yet open

In all scenarios, we have also focused on protecting capital and using our experience to set the pace ahead. At the same time, we have some criteria for the equity investors we prefer, since all our plans are around ecology.

Also, to put mildly, these are very different from normal VC/PE/ structured kind of plans; uncertainty is from nature and so is our day to management planned.

Finally, our belief is that capital is only a short term way of speeding things. So , we work only with folks who put ecology and passion for this kind of work above numbers.

Please send your interest/ inquiries to “”. We will share the plan documents.