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Atma Nirbhar Program

This program aims to bring “refine skills and connect” interested women and men in crafts and skills they already have but not been able to connect commercially to the urban consumers. For example: Making household goods, block printing, crafts etc utilizing the available resources in the village.

The objective shall be to initiate 70% of the consumption within the village and 30% to be channeled outside through Aranyaani.

This shall help utilize the latent but idle skills and traditional knowledge which is in abundance here.

Aranyaani shall help in commercial connect, promotion and sales of their products.


  • Instructors’ honorarium per activity/training basis: Rs. 10,000/-
  • Maximum four trainings per annum
  • Expendables, material costs per training: Rs. 10,000/-
  • Central management costs: Rs. 40,000/- per training
  • Working capital to support commercial activity once ready: Rs. 40,000/- (this shall be reused)
  • Facilities : Shared by Village community/ Aranyaani
  • MINIMUM COMMITMENT PER ANNUM (one training): Rs. 70,000/- per annum ( Approx. USD 1000)
  • TOTAL COMMITMENT per annum: Rs. 1,60,000/- (Approx USD 2200)
  • EXPECTED TIME FOR SELF SUSTAINABILE GROWTH IS 4 successful products=> 2 TO 3 years
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