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About Aranyaani Mobile Application

Welcome to Aranyaani Application!


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For more products from different regions and projects with Trace and Transparency. Group discounts and COllaboration with Project units, Food Forests, and more!

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Based on our two decades long work  on natural ecosystems and products, the guiding Philosophy for the App has three pillars: 

1. Traceability : That the consumers should be able to trace their product to origin. We are committed to 'Best Efforts' for it.

2. Transparency: That all participants shall have full transparency, including financial transparency of each item and its breakup.

3. Collaboration: That consumers and producers shall be able to collaborate for mutual benefit and learning, and this platform has to facilitate this.



Home Screen with Modules


User Account :


User account menu

  1. Update account details, change address, etc.
  2. View active orders: View their status and trace (project/Process unit/ Food forest cluster)– Order+Product wise, Cancel order etc.
  3. View Old Orders: View their trace (project/Process unit/ Food forest cluster)– Order+Product wise, Send Feedback etc.
  4. Know your Source: Know which Projects, other units, you bought your products from, and your contribution to them.
  5. Your Contribution Breakup: How much of your spend has gone to Projects units (independent entities), Process units, Food forests, Logistics, Taxes, and Aranyaani.
  6. Your Upcoming Events: Events you have registered for.
  7. Last Purchased products: Your purchased products in last 12 months for easy reference.

We shall continuously add features and the push the boundary in pursuit of a collaborative world with safe and good foods and products for everyone, and restoring nature, traditional knowledge and enabling remote societies at the same time.

Thank you for your patronage.

Sandeep Saxena