Each consumer forms a relationship with the food forests.  We advise folks to consume as the nature gives, in the form it gives, and in the season it gives. Our advice is based on what is best for health and life, though it makes it difficult to distribute them via the retail model.

Locations for Package supply only : All India

Locations for Fast perishables/ Vegetable supply: Bhopal, Nagpur, Indore and Jabalpur.

Locations for FREE products under Aranyaani Health group: All India, subject to minimum 50 folks (to minimize logistics cost).


Package Amount. Rs. 5,000/-, plus GST

  • Total Product Value : 8400/- Discount 40% => Package price: Rs. 5000/-
  • Box Shipment Schedule:
    • Box 1 in March/April
    • Box 2 in  May/June
    • Box 3 in October/ November
    • Box 4 in January/February
  • Typical Box contents : Honey 1 kg (Rs.750) , Stone grouted natural toor 2 kg (Rs.260), Millet (Kodo) 500 gms (Rs. 100) , Raw turmeric: 500 gms (Rs. 350), Amaranth or equivalent grain 500 gms (Rs. 100), Citrus fruits: 2 kgs (Rs. 100),  Sweet Potato/ Papaya mix (Rs. 200) , 200 gms Mahua products (Rs. 140), Miscellanous berries 1 kg (Rs.100) . Free and Complimentary Items separate . Total Product Amount- Rs.2100/-.
  • Complimentary Items: Wooden tray, a Small Pot pouri, etc. made in our food forests by hand. Estimated price about Rs. 500/- in malls.
  • Items for Sampling: Seasonal fruits and herbs, Vetiver pack, Aloe Vera, etc.
  • Item we send Free of cost: Raw Giloy/ Moringa leaves etc.

NOTE: Package Members can also AVAIL 25% Membership Discount on All products, subject to availability and Maximum Limit per member.

We do not support hoarding/ wholesaling of our products and also there is natural constraint on our products, hence there is a limit on how much maximum we will offer to each member at discount rates. E.g. Honey : Limit is 5 kg in an year ; Stone grouted Toor limit is 10 kg in an year.

At Product Normal Rates (subject to increase on more demand), one can order more.

How to Buy a Package?

Please note our contact details for Order Communication: “”. We need the following details:

  1. Full Name
  2. Age
  3. Address, for Delivery (where possible) or to suggest Nearest Collection place
  4. Contact number
  5. Any medical conditions that you regularly need to care for

Once we have the above, we keep it in our records.

When we Confirm Package, the Bill shall be sent to you mail id. Payment has to be made in advance to our Account below. The delivery period is within one year.

BANK:  bank info, etc.