Free Health Network

ARANYAANI Health Network 

Nature has provided most healthy herbs as a gift to mankind. With the same spirit, we intend to bring as many as we can, Free of Cost, to those who are seeking good health through nature’s gifts.

We provide the following on a bi-monthly basis. Click on the link to see more about them, and how to eat and make tasty preparations:

  • Neem-Giloy : 100 gms, adequate for 2 person in a family for a month
  • Natural raw Turmeric: 100 gms, adequate for 2 persons in a family for a month
  • Dried Moringa leaves: 50 gms, adequate for 2 persons in a family for a month

We urge everyone to consume them to avoid many of modern lifestyle diseases.

How to join the network?

Please send a mail to, or post on our Facebook page. We need the following details: Name, Aadhar number, Address, and contact number and E-mail Id.

The free packets can be collected from our Representative point, in following cities: Mumbai, Bangalore, New Delhi and Bhopal. More places shall be added as we get more users.

Further, for all other cities , and for groups of more than 50 users, we request the group to authorize one person keen on natural foods — whom we can communicate with, share information and send the parcel to.