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ARANYAANI Health Network

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Nature has provided most healthy herbs as a gift to mankind. With the same spirit, we intend to bring as many as we can, Free of Cost, to those who are seeking good health through nature’s gifts.

We provide the following on a bi-monthly basis. Click on the link to see more about them, and how to eat and make tasty preparations:

  • Neem-Giloy : 100 gms, adequate for 2 person in a family for a month
  • Natural raw Turmeric: 100 gms, adequate for 2 persons in a family for a month
  • Dried Moringa leaves: 50 gms, adequate for 2 persons in a family for a month
  • Dried Peepal leaves
  • We will add more to the list as our organisation progresses.

We urge everyone to consume them to avoid many of modern lifestyle diseases.

How to join the network?

Please send a Whatsapp message @ +91 99265 37777 , or mail to, or post on our Facebook page.

We Need at least 50 folks group in a cluster, where we can send it to a single coordinator on their behalf. Else the logistics costs shall be very unreasonable.

Note: If a group cannot be formed by you for some reason , then for a single person / family, we can send the items by Domestic carrier but Logistics costs (expected to be around Rs. 250 for Delhi/Mumbai etc) shall be borne by the User. One pack shall suffice for 3 months.

We need the following details  of the coordinator: Name, Address, and contact number (on Whatsapp) and E-mail Id.

The Coordinator is expected to do the following:

  • Share the Whatsapp number of as many folks as possible, who are in his distribution list of above Free items,so that we can send them valuable information
  • Collect the logistics fee from members and pay for courier charges. In our estimate, it shall not exceed Rs. 20/- per person per quarter (for 50 folks), even for distant cities like Chennai or Kolkata. As group expands, it shall come down.
  • Understand what Giloy, turmeric etc do for human health, and advise more folks to include them in diet.
  • Bring to our information, any cases of cancer, recurrent immunity loss and many such problems. While we help them with broad based suggestions due to limited resources for now, over coming years it will allow us to give intensive and accurate suggestions.
  • Be a part of the change where human life is again connected deeply to forests and its food.