Thanks for your interest in Aranyaani and the natural foods we bring from the forests for the people of India.Following are answers to most commonly asked questions.

  1. What is your objective? What is your goal? Answer: Our goal is to provide poison free, chemical/pesticide free, adulteration fee, and naturally grown foods to as many families as we can. In the process, we also preserve food forests, and guide communities around us to move from harmful pesticide, mono-cropping and limited organic style driven philosophies.
  2. Where are your natural farms / forests located? Answer: We have our food forests, primarily in Madhya Pradesh (MP) state in central India, along the Satpura and Vindhyachal forests. In the coming years, we will have similar farms in many other states like Maharashtra, Karnataka, etc.
  3. Can you supply products to any city in India? Answer: Not yet. We are still setting up the logistics for product delivery. As of now, we are aiming to supply to all Metro / Tier-1 cities. Please contact us with your inquiry and location. We will let you know if we can deliver there. A nationwide delivery network should be in place by year end.
  4. What kind of natural foods do you offer?  Answer: We have a wide range of foods, and they are all of them are among the very best quality you will get in India. Please see this page for details: http://aranyaani.in/products/
  5. How to order natural foods from you? Answer: Please see this page for details: http://aranyaani.in/order/

Is your question not answered yet? Please contact us. Thanks!