Camping @ food forest

Spread natural foods

Welcome to stay in our food forests!

One learns about life, healing, philosophy, survival skills, nature and natural food forests, tribal and other village society around it, and how we are connecting the dots to make all of it relevant in these times.

Typical activities that occur during stay are:

  • Participating in normal farm work according to season: Pruning, mulching, taking care of animals and birds, preparing pulses, millets, sun drying foods, preparing stems and seed balls, watering etc.
  • Learning to make your own facilities with our help : machaans, temp huts, etc.
  • Learning some skills like pottery, wood work, brewing etc.
  • Teaching village kids about your experiences or a particular subject, and learning from the villagers.
  • Food forest activities: Camping, Campfire, Trekking, walk in the woods, sports (we have basic tennis , etc set up)
  • Aranyaani knowledge sharing: How foods and nature heals, sharing life philosophies with our core team , etc.

We do not run a tourism or commercial activity or more than 6 to 8 folks cannot be accommodated at a time currently, so the stay has to be accompanied with a prior confirmation. For those who can afford, we expect the attendant villager (we call them on need basis to attend to guests) to be paid for caretaking and any special food /drink from outside farm preparation. Approximate total costs will come to Rs. 500/- (About 8 USD) per day per person, to be paid directly to them. 

Stay is open from September / October to May/June months. It is preferable if folks come in a group and known to each other.

Location: Sohagpur

Nearest airports: Bhopal (120 kms), Nagpur (280 kms), Jabalpur (190 kms)

Nearest railheads : Sohagpur (10 kms to Aranyaani food forest) , Pipariya (28 kms), Hoshangabad ( 55 kms)

Currently Open location is Sohagpur. In future, we will open Amarwara, Dindori and Bandhavgarh food forests too for stays.